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No maintenance required and structurally sound. For added creativity in design we offer low slip, high traffic, textured, smooth, glossy or matt finishes, made from 100% GREEN recyclable materials, 5 colors available, no visible screws or nails on deck surface.

Our composite decking is 30% stronger than Trex and PVC decking materials.

You may not be shocked that there is a wide range of prices between pressure treated, cedar, mahogany, and composite decking and railings so when thinking about what materials to use for your deck design ask yourself some important questions.

What is the main purpose for your deck design?

  • Do you have children?
  • Do you entertain frequently or would you like to entertain more often?
  • Have you had enough of staining and painting?
  • Do you want to enlarge your deck or make it a multi level design?
  • Are you mostly shaded during the day or do you receive direct sunlight?
  • Do you have future plans to enclose a three or four season room on your deck?
  • Are you interested in a sun-setter type awning system?
  • How long do you plan to reside in the home?

As you begin to formulate the answers you will set the groundwork for how best we can help you begin a design and come up with a cost that you can live with.

Do your own inspection – Perform the 3 point checklist:

  1. Take a close look at your wood deck and railings and observe how another winter has taken its toll. Are the deck boards and railings “checking up”? This is a sign the wood is cracking which if it has not already will be splintering soon and will lead to safety issues. These small hairline cracks allow moisture to absorb into the wood and must be treated or your deck will soon become un-usable.

  2. Look closely at the areas that meet the house structure on the surface and underneath the surface. Layer after layer of paints and solid stains can hide damage to the decking and, more importantly, the sub framing of the deck. If your deck was built in the 80’s your deck may not meet current safety codes.

  3. Stand in various locations and jump up and down. If you feel any deflection (bounce) after impact or you hear the balusters on the railings rattling it may be time to consider some repairs or a full replacement.

If your sub-framing is relatively new and meets code, composite deck replacement along with new composite railings may be just what you need and it will save the cost of re-framing the whole deck. Before this can happen a thorough inspection by a professional of the footings and sub-frame must be done. It would make little sense to put and expensive composite deck system on a questionable sub-frame supported by poorly installed cement footings.

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