Now is the time to protect your home from ice dams

After three winter storms in less than a week, you may be noticing some pretty large snow piles on the roof of your home. With a slight warm up in temperature coming mid-week, now is the time to remove snow in order to prevent the buildup of ice dams - and potential damage to your home.

As you may recall from our winter in 2015, ice dams can be very destructive as the water from melting snow backs up behind the dam and leaks into your home underneath the shingles.

What we do:

1. Remove snow - The safest way to clear your roof is to hire a snow removal professional. We are roofing installers and know what to do to protect the roof shingles from being damaged. If you prefer us to remove the snow from the walkways, driveways etc. after we push it of the roof we can provide help there as well.

What we don't do:

2. Chop the ice from the gutters. If you are experiencing leaking removing the snow from the roof completely will stop the dam from moving further up the slope of the roof thus removing the source of the problem. The leaking will soon subside and the natural warming process will melt the ice in the gutters.

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