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Roof Replacement

Replacement is the process of removing the existing roof when in disrepair. Simply nailing over the existing roof is not recommended because it adds weight and increases the chance of leaks. There are many factors that can cause a roof to fail, such as poor workmanship, faulty materials, inclement weather, age, and improper maintenance.

Roof Repairs

Repairing a roof is sometimes a more cost-effective way to address problems that have not compromised the entire roof. This may include re-caulking, repairing penetrations, patching shingles, and making plywood deck repairs.

Roof Maintenance

Maintenance involves an inspection of the existing roof that will be done to determine if there are any areas of weakness that may compromise the roofing system. Through regularly scheduled annual inspections, our company technician can assist the owner in protecting their investment by locating and identifying potential problems in their early stages. Early stage detection can make it possible to repair or extend the life of a roofing system, which is significantly less expensive than replacing your roof.

Roof Inspections

When buying or selling a house, you can avoid any roofing surprises through a detailed inspection of the roofing system that includes a written report.

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