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The frame used to support the expensive energy efficient glass of today is critical to the windows life span and long term return on investment. Whether it is wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass composite, or a combination of understanding the assembly, production methods, warranty, and options is critical in making this capital improvement to your home. Piece of mind is getting the best value for your hard earned money and  making sure we don’t have to do things twice.                   

Windows and Doors are one of the few investments you can make that over a 20 year period can earn you 10-15% on your initial investment.  If the investment does not last 20 years was it worth it?  Many homeowners are facing replacing windows in homes built as recently as 8-10 years ago! You know who you are and I feel your pane (a little pun).  "HOW CAN IT BE that I need new windows and my house still has that new car smell"!  Most of the problems are derived from the plastic tracks used in your name brand new construction windows selected by your builder as the best available. Sometimes the problems is the metal spacers holding the glass together fail and moisture gets in bringing dirt and dust depositing it on the window. If you have experienced this you know the glass cannot be cleaned because it is in between the two panes.    Also common is poor regard to proper installation and insulation methods that get skipped if no one is looking.  Just because it is a new window doesn’t mean that it is infallible as it stands alone,  it needs help and improper installation is very common.  There are installation standards that AAMA (The American Architectural Manufacturers Association) has developed and through programs to dealers who invest in quality products can train their installers to understanding proper techniques.                  

Last but not least,  how many of you have watched your wood sills and trim moldings literally begin to disintegrate in rapid fashion?  Poor quality wood has been used in mass produced window products to cut costs as finger joined wood has replaced full length lumber.  Cellular pvc will become the trim of choice for those who want to avoid replacing trim.                  

Another staggering number is the percentage of replacement windows being replaced.  40% of replacement window projects are replacing replacement windows.    This is somewhat understandable as the vinyl replacement window industry began in the late 70's and took off in the 80's so there are a lot of 20 year old windows out there. The best vinyl replacement windows have pure forms of PVC vinyl that prevent warping and discoloring as well as re-enforced sash frames that hold  the glass. Fiberglass is proving to be the strongest frame material available today.  It is also becoming more affordable compared to wood and other products and is more versatile.

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