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To make the right decision you need to know what your options are before you decide.

In most cases it is far more practical to keep the existing inner frame or "Buck" frame of the window even if there is some suspect wood rot or insect damage as these problems can usually be repaired.

The style of the existing window, year it was made, and your own personal preference along with a budget in mind will determine the desired method.  In older homes it is typical to install replacement windows from the interior while in newer homes it is often more cost effective to install from exterior.  If you have single pane windows you likely have weight pockets and an external storm window.  If you have this older window it is costing you more to do nothing than to buy new windows.  If you have had a double pane window installed prior to 2002 it is likely that there is little to none of the energy saving components like Low E or Argon gas that are part of the new regulations requiring all windows meet Energy Star standards.

The popular choice to repair damaged exterior sill and trim moldings is the wave of different companies now producing PVC or composite trim that will not rot and holds paint 50% better than wood.

Another common approach is to cap or wrap the exterior trim in an aluminum clad that will not need painting unless you desire a color change in the future.

If after our initial evaluation in your home it becomes clear that it is necessary to completely remove the entire window frame and sill or you just have a need to spend more money the more labor intensive approach can be taken which will require new full interior and exterior trim moldings along with the likelihood that the walls inside will need patch-work and the exterior siding as well.
What many people don’t know is that most replacement windows can be adapted for new construction installation methods and if you like the warranty and the product you don’t have to be forced into buying an overpriced name brand simply because you don’t have another choice.

Now the choice is yours and Your Home Exterior Solutions has the best solutions to fit your needs.

You can see these products in your home and get all the facts in person.

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