Two Right Windows Sometimes Make A Wrong

How To Tell The Right Window From The Wrong

Why is there so much disparity between vendors when it comes to window pricing? And how do I know if I’m choosing the right window and the right installer?

Buying new windows for your home is an important decision. It will affect your heating and cooling costs as well as the overall look and curb appeal and re-sale value of your home and it can be a sizeable investment. That’s why its so important to do your homework on how to choose the right window and the right contractor before making this type of investment.

You’ve probably seen the TV and radio commercials for some of the many window manufacturers. Those vendors usually focus on pricing while making it sound like their windows are just as good or even better than the competition. They usually aren’t blatantly lying, but they tend to omit many important facts. For example, they will often rely on one of the standardized tests, such as the energy efficiency tests by the NFRC. While these are important and useful ratings, by themselves they don’t tell the whole story. If, for instance, the window isn’t installed and insulated properly you could lose most of the benefits of those new windows.  In this case you’d actually be better off keeping those old windows as the payback will never be recovered.

Because these chains pay the installers only a few dollars per window installed you often get inexperienced installers. What’s worse they will tend to ignore any problems they might uncover.  Bad sills, mold, structural issues and other preventive measures that keep water from entering behind flashing/trim, shortening the life of the window and creating more problems than they solve. In these cases, you really do get what you pay for...or more likely, you get less than what you paid for.

"I can’t count the number of times I had to fix a window installation by one of these highly marketed companies that promise the world up front but then take short cuts on the install.  The sweetness of low price disappears soon after the bitterness of poor quality sets in." - John Rivard

One way to avoid these issues and to be sure you’re selecting the right window that best suits all of your concerns and not one that’s just going to fill a hole in your wall, is to work with an experienced local home improvement expert that offers products from multiple vendors. They can explain the facts and help you make the decision best suited to your needs.  You will have 100% assurance that the windows are properly installed,ensuring you get the most out of your investment including all the energy and durability benefits designed into the product. No short cuts, no high priced advertising, and no high pressure sales.

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